About Us

With roots in the merchant services industry dating back 25 years, we incorporated The Merchant Source, Inc. in 2007. We have embarked on a new growth strategy and rebranded to CCI Merchant Services. Our logo incorporates elements crucial to the industry today and The Future of Transactions™: Data, Security and Technology.

Our Commitment to Merchants

Our independent sales reps receive ongoing training and coaching as consultative sales agents to ensure they provide merchants with value for their processing dollar.

We differentiate ourselves from the competition through our commitment to continual communications and training for both inside sales and outside sales. Our heartfelt intention, through consultative selling, is to help educate merchants so they understand their processing needs, use the latest technologies available for regulatory compliance and security, and know they have the best value for their processing dollar.

Leadership View


Leadership View_PeterAfter more than twenty-five years as a sales agent and owner in the merchant services industry, and more than thirty years in direct sales overall, Peter Moles has personally served thousands of merchants around the country. He has been a leader in hiring direct sales professionals and mentoring a proven consultative sales process. His groups have served tens of thousands of merchants over the past three decades. Peter is devoted to this industry and its merchants, helping them better understand their processing accounts and receive the best value for their processing dollar. Here, Peter shares what shaped his view of the world.


Peter’s Viewpoint

“I grew up in a village where families knew one another by name, and education and faith were part of everyday life. The youngest of six children, I learned to love competition, embrace good sportsmanship and dream big. My mother influenced me the most. She encouraged me in too many ways to count. She gave me a copy of Norman Vincent Peale’s The Power of Positive Thinking when I was young. Dr. Peale’s words stay with me, including: ‘Change your thoughts, change your world’ and ‘It is always too early to quit.’

“When I was 21 years old, my boss handed me Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich, considered by many to be the guide to a well-rounded, successful life. If I had to choose one quote from Mr. Hill, it is: ‘Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.’

“I find joy helping others, be it teaching and coaching a sales rep achieve results beyond his or her expectations, or helping a merchant find the best value in payment processing. Most business owners strive to live the American Dream and create a good life for their families. But navigating the business world, with its complexities and regulations, is a challenge. We’re proud to help simplify one aspect with payment processing products and services.”

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